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The Architect stood in the metro bus, silently praying that the rest of the passengers could not recognize the dense smell of dried sweat and last night’s breath.

He thought about quitting for the tenth time that morning, as he finally made his way back home.

Surprisingly, the people on the metro bus were fresh faced and smiling, ready to take on the challenges that lay ahead - oblivious to the dark thoughts that ran through his head.

Moments later, two characters dressed in stuffy business suits ran towards the Architect, and elbowed him out of the way, as they pressed their faces to the glass behind him. One of the characters, the blonde woman, asked the other tall man with a dark mane to take a quick photo of the building outside. The tall man ignored her and switched his screen to ‘video mode’ while reassuring her that the magic of the architecture will be captured in the video, since adding the element of time will strengthen this memory for them, forever.

The Architect growled at the characters and turned around to the window.

His face softened when he recognized the glimmering odd-shaped metal sculpture reflecting the rest of the city back into his tired eyes.

As the business professionals jumped up and down in glee at the structure, the Architect managed to turn his lips up into an almost-smile. He wondered if he should tell the characters the truth behind how much pain and suffering it really takes to create a simple piece like that. The all-nighters, office fights, near bankruptcy, psychological efforts and emergency trips to the hospital.. and the possibility of not getting one of the several authorities’ approvals.

He decided against it, while the colleagues took selfies with the shiny surface.

He got off at his destination, and prepared himself mentally for another long week of work at the office, but this time he had a full smile on his face.


Words & Photo // Yosr ElSherbiny

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