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Meet Lujaine Rezk – Interior Designer and Woodwork Advocate

Lujaine Rezk in her element

Lujaine Rezk has been very busy. The Alexandria-born/ UAE-based interior designer has recently graduated from the American University of Sharjah and has already embarked on her independent journey to experiment with woodwork in the forms of furniture and installation fabrication.

In the heart of Dubai Design District, Lujaine will be exhibiting her bench ‘alManamah’ as a contemporary artefact for Abwab Pavilion at Dubai Design Week. AlManamah explores the relationship between public and private,their differences and their unison, created as a reproduction of the traditional bench found in the Gulf’s public spaces. The bench was produced using cost efficient materials and techniques, to be light, stackable and flatpacked.

In collaboration with designer colleague Albert Kolambel, Lujaine has also created ‘Screen’ as part of Dubai Design Week’s installation programme. Deeply inspired by the Middle Eastern culture and traditional elements, ‘Screen’ is a conceptual interpretation of the Mashrabiyah, lattice woodwork privacy screens that once masked the exterior of buildings and gave its occupants the chance to view the outside while remaining unseen. Each ‘Screen’ is manufactured using wooden frames with stretched sheer fabric. Visitors are given the opportunity to walk through/ around the layers of ‘Screens’ to experience the different levels of privacy, transitioning from the public to the private realm.

Wrichitects got a hold of Lujaine between her coffee breaks to find out more about the designer. Read the full interview here.


Words // Wrichitects - Yosr El Sherbiny Photos // Dubai Design Week & Jdeed Magazine Interview // Dubai Design Week Location // Dubai, United Arab Emirates Date // 16.11.2017

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